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My Signs - Proofs
Closing Comments
I seek refuge in ALLAH from satan the rejected.
In the Name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

The following are the revelations given to me, as Clear Signs and Proofs from the Almighty, Most Wise, laying out the Path of Truth and Guidance for us to follow.


  1. H.M. (chapters 40 to 46) - (my name being Husain Makbool). These initials represent my name and revealing the "Prophecy of the Smoke" through chapter 44
  2. 15:87 - Quran based on 7 pairs
  3. Revelation of the Creator's own name ("Allah") - Most Praiseworthy, by His own name letters (A, L, and H)
  4. Revelation of the proof of One ALLAH and special knowledge on the Shahadah and His attribute of Absolute (in Arabic, Al-Samad)
  5. Revelation of the even and the odd
  6. Revelation of the seven pairs and 19 together (14-19)
  7. Revelation of the number 7

These are the 7 most important revelations given to me to prove what I have stated before and there are many more.

Based on these, ALLAH has asked me to declare myself the messenger of the Lord of the Universe and to warn the people that worshipping ALLAH through the Quran is the only acceptable form of submission to Him and to confirm all the past messengers. The sincere people looking for The Truth in the Universe will be overwhelmed through this Web site and will find it highly enlightening. If they do submit to ALLAH, then it will not only be enlightening, but also a mercy from ALLAH unto them.

I implore and pray to the Lord of the Universe to forgive my sins, and the sins of all of those who repent to Him and follow HIS Path, which is the Best Path through His Scripture, Quran, the Best Hadith (words).

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