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Miracle of 7
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I seek refuge in ALLAH from satan the rejected.
In the Name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

67:3 - He created seven universes in layers. You do not see any imperfection in the creation by the Most Gracious. Keep looking; do you see any flaw?


Who is the Creator?


It is Allah, Most Praiseworthy, the only Creator. The seven universes and the Miracle of 7 reveal that ALLAH is indeed the Creator.

His name and Sura Al-Fateha all come under the Miracle of 7.

  • HIS NAME arabic - gematrically 1,30,30,5 = 7 x 18615. We can move the numbers to advance and rotate until all 4 numbers are rotated:

Next is: 30,30,5,1 = 7 x 43293
Next is: 30,5,1,30 = 7 x 43590
Next is: 5,1,30,30 = 7 x 73290,
thus proving that the Creator of the Seven Universes has His own name under the Miracle of 7 and 14.

  • Chapter Al-Fateha: Gematrical Value of chapter is 525 = 7 x 75. There are 7 verses.
  • The sum of the verses is 28 = 14 x 2.
  • The Gematrical Value of all the letters of the sura's verses = 10143 = 7 x 7 x 207
    The quotient of 207 being the Gematrical Value of arabic - HIS LORD.
  • The Quranic initials in the verse are 119 = 7 x 17.
  • Last of all, the letters of arabicMost Praiseworthy is 49 throughout the verses and 49 = 7 x 7.


  • When we make sets of 7 arabic letters in chapter Al-Fateha, we get precisely 19 sets, thereby it becomes 7-19.
  • The Gematrical Value of every 7th letter for all 19 sets will also be 719, proving that the chapter 1 is based on 7 and 19.


27:6 - Surely, you are receiving the Quran from a Most Wise, Omniscient.



47:18 - All the signs thereof have already come.



15:87 - (part) We have given you the seven



56:95 - This is the absolute truth.


Hence, you can see both codes.

the difference in my initials and letters 9 and 10 = 1 - Revelation of 1 ALLAH.


2:119 - We have sent you with the truth.



43:14 - We ultimately return to our Lord.



57:9 - He is the One who sends down to His servant clear revelations.




17:43 - Be He glorified, He is much too Exalted, far above their utterances.



17:84 (Part) Say, "everyone works in accordance with his belief."


17:84 (Part) "and your Lord knows best which ones are guided in the right path."


17:85 (Part) They ask you about the Revelation


  • Revealed: The GV of mesengers name letters = 256 - revealing the word "Noor" (Light)
  • Revealed: The Gematrical Value of "revelation" = 245 = 7 x 7 x 5 (multiple of 7).
  • Revealed: The messenger's name initials are 7 with the GV of 238 (multiple of 14)
  • Revealed: The sum (7 + 235) is 245, matching the GV of "Al-Ruh - Revelation".
  • Revealed: The GV of "Al-Ruh" (245) matches the GV of the angel "Gabriel".


17:85 - They ask you about the revelation. Say, "The revelation comes from my Lord. The knowledge given to you is minute."

Verse 17:85

  • Revealed: The GV of messenger's letters in the entire verse is 1064 = 19 x 14 x 4. This serves as the "Revelation of the Sacred Codes of 19 & 14."
  • Revealed: The messenger's name initials are 28 and messenger's name letters are 35, revealing the diff. of 7.
    Both numbers 28 and 35 are multiples of 7 as well as being Even and Odd, as per Verse 89:3.


17:97 - Whomever ALLAH guides is the truly guided one.



17:87 - This is but mercy from your Lord. His blessings upon you have been great.


THIS SHOWS the blessings of the Lord through Quran upon myself.


74:35 - This is one of the great Miracles.



6:91 (Part) They never valued ALLAH as He should be valued.


  • Revealed: The Allah letters are 7 matched by 7 initials of messenger’s name, revealing the Proof of Seven Pairs, as per Verse 15:87.

6:91 (Part) They never valued Allah as He should be valued. Thus they said, “Allah does not reveal anything to any human being.”

  • Revealed: The Allah letters are perfectly 19 matched by 19 name initials of the messenger’s name. Up to 2nd mention of “Allah” the messenger’s name initials are 14 and 19 to the end of the verse, thus revealing the Sacred Codes of 14-19.

6:91 - Thus they said, "ALLAH does not reveal anything to any human being."


up to "human being," Allah Letters are 19, my initials are 19.

  • Revealed: The messenger’s letters are perfectly 14, proving that Allah does reveal to human beings and has revealed the Sacred Code of Seven Pairs to the messenger.

7:180 - To ALLAH belongs the most beautiful names; call upon Him therewith, and disregard those who distort His names.



7:178 - Whomever ALLAH guides is the truly guided one.



My name and the Ultimate Miracles of the Quran of 7 - 14 - 19.


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