How do we define what constitutes a Quranic Miracle?
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How do we define what constitutes
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I seek refuge in ALLAH from satan the rejected.
In the Name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

2:23 - If you have any doubt regarding what we revealed to our servant, then produce one sura like these, and call upon your own witnesses against ALLAH, if you are truthful.

For the proof and miracle on this verse, as to how the Quranic verses are Divinely guarded and protected, see the appropriate section in this Web site (under section "Revelation of Allah").

First, a miracle is something that comes from ALLAH and cannot be produced by a human.

Second, no human being can present anything superior or better than what ALLAH reveals.

Third, a false miracle will not have the backing and support of the Most Gracious (ALLAH) to reveal a message based on the miracle.

Fourth, the Miracle should be such as to prove the entire scripture, including chapters and verses and most of all, have relevancy and consistency.

Fifth, it should originate from the verses in the Quran, like verse 74:30 and verse 15:87.

In the "preface" of the "authorized translation" of the Quran (in English) by Rashad Khalifa, it says, "the discoveries of the numerical parameters embedded in the Quran is not closed. These discoveries continue to flow and will continue to be published in other works."

Any new discovery mentioned here through the previous miracle of 19 would just be a discovery now, but would not constitute a new miracle, as the messenger, Rashad Khalifa, has departed from the Earth. Moreover, a new version of the "Miracle of 19", which is also attached to Allah's name, and of a greater significance and meaning has now been revealed to me. The humans, who submitted to ALLAH by believing in the Quran, ALLAH's messengers, and miracles, were most certainly submitters and still are as long as they continue to believe in everything that comes from ALLAH. It must be stressed here that Submission is not a one-time act, but an ongoing belief and practice for as long as we live. Any act of disobedience to ALLAH can nullify the past Submission.


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