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ALLAH has decreed laws for everything including our life and death. He does not violate His own laws, Praise be to ALLAH. Following are a couple of verses stating such laws:

21:34 - 21:35 - We never decreed immortality for anyone before you; should you die, are they immortal? Every soul will taste death, after we put you to the test through adversity and prosperity, then to us you will ultimately return.

23:100 (Part) A barrier will separate his soul from this world until resurrection.

According to the above verses, each and every human being, including prophets and messengers of ALLAH, have to die on Earth and their soul is returned to their Lord. No one can ever come back until the Day of Judgment when all the human beings will be resurrected once again. This will be one of the greatest miracles of the Omnipotent Creator.

Some humans have advocated and waited for the arrival of Jesus or the messiah as a second coming, in view of their own distorted beliefs, in the 21st century. They will be totally disappointed that this kind of belief had no basis in the past, present, or future according to ALLAH's Proven Scriptures. Human prophecies like this and others have always failed to materialize.

Many false claimants have come and gone. The Quran gives us a true perspective on all these controversial subjects invented by human beings. You just have to read the Quran to know the whole TRUTH and get out of this spider's web of human fabrications, distortions, and conjecture.

A REAL SHOCKER To defeat the above fabricated notions, ALLAH Almighty has instead revealed HIS OWN NAME, AND THAT HE IS "ONE" WITHOUT ANY PARTNERS. This sends a very clear MESSAGE to mankind to give up the religion of their parents and come into total Submission to ALLAH (ALLAH), Most Praiseworthy. This should remove all doubts from the hearts and minds of those who have gone astray and offers them another chance to ask ALLAH for forgiveness by repenting to Him and come into Submission to Him. Those who fail to take heed now will incur ALLAH's wrath and consequences in the future.

Please refer to verses on retribution from ALLAH associated with this Message from the Creator, Most Honorable.


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