The Ultimate Miracles
The Glorious Quran -
Final Message Until Day of Judgment
A Challenge to Scientists & Scholars
The Ultimate Miracles
ALLAH's Proofs
I seek refuge in ALLAH from satan the rejected.
In the Name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


The three verses on mathematics have all been revealed simultaneously and much more. (74:30, 15:87, 89:3)

16:44 - We provided them with the proofs and the scriptures. And we sent down to you this message, to proclaim for the people everything that is sent down to them, perhaps they will reflect.

In this verse, our Lord tells us that the message of Quran has been completed by providing the ultimate proofs that the message is indeed from ALLAH, to remove all doubts. And in verse 20:56, the same message is being expressed.

20:56 - We showed him all our proofs, but he disbelieved and refused.

47:18 - (portion of verse only) All the signs thereof have already come.

54:42 - They rejected all our signs. Consequently, we requited them as an Almighty, Omnipotent should.

These verses reveal a clear message. After you witness the number of miracles bestowed upon me, it will be apparent to you as to why the Web site is titled - "ALLAH is One - Now Proven ."

ALLAH has already proven the Quran through Rashad Khalifa that His Signature is 19 (as per verse 6:157 - Proven Scripture) and He has also proven all chapters and verses, excluding 2 false verses (verses 9:128-129). "The Miracle of One," the most profound miracle, has been revealed to me to prove the Oneness (Monotheism) of ALLAH Almighty. In Arabic, the word "Wahid" means ONE and that is what the MIRACLE OF ONE is about. While confirming and proving the Quran and its verses, it spells out the name of the Creator in mathematical values, His Shahadah (Declaration of Faith), that He is One, and many other miraculous news and teachings.

98:2 - 98:4 - A messenger from ALLAH is reciting to them sacred instructions. In them, there are valuable teachings. In fact, those who received the scripture did not dispute until the Proof was given to them.

Humans have always debated, since Creation, about the existence of ALLAH, His authority (or lack thereof), and many other issues about ALLAH. Their uncertainty and doubts instilled by Satan has always made them break up ALLAH's only religion, Islam (Submission) into different religions, sects, schools of thought, thereby pitting one against the other in hatred, prejudice, and violence. In recent memorable history of our generations, ALLAH has provided scientific and mathematical proofs for the first time of this nature; HE PROVES, through His scripture, that He is indeed ONE, and FINALLY, through certain revelations, that He has no partners, and He controls all creations and commands, and that the Day of Resurrection is absolutely certain in the Year 2280.

Since revelations from the scripture come only from ALLAH, the human being asked to deliver the message is fully authorized by ALLAH. These miracles cannot be fabricated by any human being. The greater the miracle, the greater is the message. These revelations consummate and supercede all past revelations. Since the revelation proving one ALLAH is of the greatest magnitude and significance, the name of this servant of ALLAH is encoded in the Arabic text with the precise letters of his name used in verses, making it impossible for any fabricator.


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