Sura - 84 The Rupture
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[84:0] In the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[84:1] The time will come when the sky is ruptured.

[84:2] It will submit to its Lord and expire.

[84:3] The earth will be leveled.

[84:4] It will eject its contents, as it erupts.

[84:5] It will submit to its Lord and expire.

[84:6] O humans, you are irreversibly heading for a meeting with your Lord.

[84:7] As for the one who receives his record in his right hand,

[84:8] His reckoning will be easy.

[84:9] He will return to his people joyfully.

[84:10] As for the one who receives his record behind his back,

[84:11] He will be ridden with remorse.

[84:12] And will burn in Hell.

[84:13] He used to act arrogantly among his people.

[84:14] He thought that he will never be called to account.

[84:15] Yes indeed, his Lord was Seer of him.

[84:16] I solemnly swear by the rosy dusk.

[84:17] And the night as it spreads.

[84:18] And the moon and its phases.

[84:19] You will move from stage to stage.

[84:20] Why do they not believe?

[84:21] And when the Quran is recited to them, they do not fall prostrate.

[84:22] This is because those who disbelieved are rejecting (the Quran).

[84:23] ALLAH is fully aware of their innermost thoughts.

[84:24] Promise them painful retribution.

[84:25] As for those who believed and led a righteous life, they receive a recompense that is well-deserved.

Sura - 85 The Galaxies
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[85:0] In the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[85:1] The sky and its galaxies.

[85:2] The promised day.

[85:3] The witness and the witnessed.

[85:4] Woe to the people of the canyon.

[85:5] They ignited a blazing fire.

[85:6] Then sat around it.

[85:7] To watch the burning of the believers.

[85:8] They hated them for no other reason than believing in ALLAH, the Almighty, the Praiseworthy.

[85:9] To Him belongs the kingship of the Heavens and the Earth. And ALLAH witnesses all things.

[85:10] Surely, those who persecute the believing men and women, then fail to repent, have incurred the retribution of Gehenna; they have incurred the retribution of burning.

[85:11] Surely, those who believed and led a righteous life, have deserved gardens with flowing streams. This is the greatest triumph.

[85:12] Indeed, your Lord's blow is severe.

[85:13] He is the One who initiates and repeats.

[85:14] And He is the Forgiving, Most Kind.

[85:15] Possessor of the glorious throne.

[85:16] Doer of whatever He wills.

[85:17] Did you note the history of the troops?

[85:18] Pharaoh and Thamoud?

[85:19] Those who disbelieve are plagued with denial.

[85:20] ALLAH is fully aware of them.

[85:21] Indeed, it is a glorious Quran.

[85:22] In a preserved master tablet.

Sura - 86 The Bright Star
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[86:0] In the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[86:1] By the sky and Al-Taareq.

[86:2] Do you know what Al-Taareq is?

[86:3] The bright star.

[86:4] Absolutely, everyone is well guarded.

[86:5] Let the human reflect on his creation.

[86:6] He was created from ejected liquid.

[86:7] From between the spine and the viscera.

[86:8] He is certainly able to resurrect him.

[86:9] The day all secrets become known.

[86:10] He will have no power, nor a helper.

[86:11] By the sky that returns (the water).

[86:12] By the Earth that cracks (to grow plants).

[86:13] This is a serious narration.

[86:14] Not to be taken lightly.

[86:15] They plot and scheme.

[86:16] But so do I.

[86:17] Just respite the disbelievers a short respite.

Sura - 87 The Most High
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[87:0] In the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[87:1] Glorify the name of your Lord, the Most High.

[87:2] He creates and shapes.

[87:3] He designs and guides.

[87:4] He produces the pasture.

[87:5] Then turns it into light hay.

[87:6] We will recite to you; do not forget.

[87:7] Everything is in accordance with ALLAH's will; He knows what is declared, and what is hidden.

[87:8] We will direct you to the easiest path.

[87:9] Therefore, you shall remind; perhaps the reminder will benefit.

[87:10] The reverent will take heed.

[87:11] The wicked will avoid it.

[87:12] Consequently, he will suffer the great Hellfire.

[87:13] Wherein he never dies, nor stays alive.

[87:14] Successful indeed is the one who redeems his soul.

[87:15] By remembering the name of his Lord and observing the contact prayers (Salat).

[87:16] Indeed, you are preoccupied with this first life.

[87:17] Even though the Hereafter is far better and everlasting.

[87:18] This is recorded in the earlier teachings.

[87:19] The teachings of Abraham and Moses.

Sura - 88 Overwhelming
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[88:0] In the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[88:1] Are you aware of the Overwhelming?

[88:2] Faces on that day will be shamed.

[88:3] Laboring and exhausted.

[88:4] Suffering in a blazing Hellfire.

[88:5] Drinking from a flaming spring.

[88:6] They will have no food except the useless variety.

[88:7] It never nourishes, nor satisfies hunger.

[88:8] Other faces on that day will be full of joy.

[88:9] Satisfied with their work.

[88:10] In an exalted Paradise.

[88:11] In it, no nonsense is heard.

[88:12] In it, a spring flows.

[88:13] In it, there are luxurious furnishings.

[88:14] And drinks made available.

[88:15] And pitchers in rows.

[88:16] And carpets throughout.

[88:17] Why do they not reflect on the camels and how they are created?

[88:18] And the sky and how it is raised.

[88:19] And the mountains and how they are constructed.

[88:20] And the Earth and how it is built.

[88:21] You shall remind, for your mission is to deliver this reminder.

[88:22] You have no power over them.

[88:23] As for those who turn away and disbelieve.

[88:24] ALLAH will commit them to the great retribution.

[88:25] To us is their ultimate destiny.

[88:26] Then we will call them to account.

Sura - 89 Dawn
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[89:0] In the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[89:1] By the dawn.

[89:2] And the ten nights.

[89:3] By the even and the odd.

[89:4] By the night as it passes.

[89:5] A profound oath, for one who possesses intelligence.

[89:6] Have you noted what your Lord did to `Aad?

[89:7] Erum; the town with tall buildings.

[89:8] There was nothing like it anywhere.

[89:9] Also Thamoud, who carved the rocks in their valley.

[89:10] And Pharaoh who possessed might.

[89:11] They all transgressed in the land.

[89:12] They spread evil throughout.

[89:13] Consequently, your Lord poured upon them a whipping retribution.

[89:14] Your Lord is ever watchful.

[89:15] When the human being is tested by his Lord, through blessings and joy, he says, "My Lord is generous towards me."

[89:16] But if He tests him through reduction in provisions, he says, "My Lord is humiliating me!"

[89:17] Wrong! It is you who brought it on yourselves by not regarding the orphan.

[89:18] And not advocating charity towards the poor.

[89:19] And consuming the inheritance of helpless orphans.

[89:20] And loving the money too much.

[89:21] Indeed, when the Earth is crushed, utterly crushed.

[89:22] And your Lord comes, together with the angels in row after row.

[89:23] On that day, Gehenna will be brought forth. On that day, the human being will remember - but what a remembrance - it will be too late.

[89:24] He will say, "Oh, I wish I prepared for my (eternal) life."

[89:25] On that day, no retribution could be worse than His retribution.

[89:26] And no confinement is as effective as His confinement.

[89:27] As for you, O content soul.

[89:28] Return to your Lord, pleased and pleasing.

[89:29] Welcome into My servants.

[89:30] Welcome into My Paradise.